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Rebecca Lindon x FAUNE

We caught up with photographer Rebecca Lindon and her daughter Eve. Rebecca relocated to Mallorca a few years back and we were keen to discover more about her move to the beautiful Island - a wonderful backdrop for our Sprint Drop 1 collection.
How did you find yourself living in Mallorca?
There's a lot of answers to that question! Firstly, the children's father and I had always wanted to allow our children the experience of living in another culture and landscape. We have both travelled a lot and consider it really important to understand the world from a bigger perspective than your immediate surroundings. I lived in Crete for a period of time as a child and it shaped my thirst for travel. Also, our freedom of movement was about to be constricted by Brexit and that was a catalyst for making the move whilst it was still relatively easy. Mallorca is a beautiful island and really felt like home from the first time I visited as an adult. I feel very connected to and comforted by the land and the ocean here and my wellbeing has drastically improved since we made the move.
Rebecca wears Marigold
How did you get into photography?
For as long as I remember I've taken photographs but I really learned how to work with light when my father gave me an old Pentax at age 12. We had a tiny box room that we set-up as a darkroom and I spent hours teaching myself to use the equipment. I never had any formal training, in fact my degree is in journalism (I worked as a music journalist for 10 years), but photography is how I express myself emotionally. That is evident in my body of work which was darker in my younger years, centred around motherhood for a period of time and now more deeply focused on femininity and intimacy. I primarily shoot fashion now, but I always approach a job from what needs to be expressed in me - never influenced by what's happening around me.  In every shoot I'm really looking for just one image that makes my stomach flip - that's a sign of success for me. Often my favourite photograph will be completely different to the client and model.

Eve Wears SENNA & Rebecca wears MARIGOLD     
Sirene Skincare
I launched Sirene Skincare last year after developing it following my move to Mallorca. As I mentioned earlier, I have felt a deep connection to the land here and I believe part of my life's purpose is to help women re-connect with nature and remember the innate ability we have to heal ourselves and the Earth. In ancient times women were celebrated for this wisdom but the patriarchy has wounded that deeply through religion, the burning of 'witches' and taking women's physical rights away from them. Our bodies have been sold back to us in magazines and TV adverts and nowadays the average women applies 168 chemicals to her face and body every day (including known carcinogens and toxins) in the search for youth and value. It is my aim to remind women of their natural beauty and offer skincare that works holistically through ingredients that stimulate female wellbeing as well as working to protect and hydrate the skin.
 Eve wears HIBISCUS and Rebecca wears PRIMROSE
What inspires your work and where are your favourite places?
I'm inspired by nature, women, travel and my family and friends. In terms of photography I'm most inspired by classic film photography and shoot the majority of my work on medium format film which cannot be replicated in my mind. My favourite places are unsurprisingly based around water! I love Lamu in Kenya, where boats are more commonly used than vehicles and am desperate to get back there with my children as well as Morocco and South Africa for its incredible landscapes and epic coastline. I'd like to explore India more and adore the colour and life! I loved my time in Bali but will likely not return as I've found myself craving quieter surroundings since the pandemic. Closer to England, I still feel very connected to the North Norfolk coast, my mother's house in Cheshire and London of course (for small amounts of time). 
Eve wears Buttercup