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Vertparadis x Faune

What inspired you to start @Vertparadis?
@VERTPARADIS started many years ago, When Eléonore, my first daughter, was only 4 months! With her, I discovered the wonderful world of kids’ fashion, precious and creative clothes. My second daughter arrived just one year after Eleonore. My daughters are my muses, everything starts with my "little chestnuts" (their nick names)
{Elizabeth & Elanore wear Thistle nightgown}
Your photos and styling are so beautiful and very unique with a retro and candid aesthetic - did you study photography or are you self taught?
I do not define myself as a photographer. I Never studied this art, but I’m attracted to artistically beautiful things, so I try to and love to share beautiful pictures that I imagine as paintings. I studied history of art at university during 4 years so maybe it gave me an 'artistic' eye? For sure, I’m inspired by the innocence of childhood ; nature, the immensity of the landscapes where we live and children’s fashion! I have a passion for retro style, collars, antique lace…
{Melissa wears Tulip nightgown}
Have you always lived in the countryside? / what do you love about living there? 
We've lived in the 'wild' countryside for 5 years. Aveyron is an incredible place to live with children. We are surrounded by beauty,  luxurious vegetation and wild animals. I feel privileged to live here!  Before Aveyron, we were in Corsica, paradise on earth. My daughters were born on the island, and for sure seaside landscapes continue to inspire me 🌊 
{Elenore & Elizabeth wear The Hibiscus nightgown}
Favorite places you’ve visited - where have captured amazing content? 
A few weeks ago I was in Florence for an important children’s fashion event (Pittibimbo) The city is absolutely INCREDIBLE. Florence is a cultural birthplace of the Renaissance, and one of the most influential artistic cities of the world. Beauty is everywhere, at every street corner! It’s so easy to take beautiful pictures in Firenze. 
Your gorgeous vintage caravan - is this a recent purchase?
We recently had the opportunity to buy a vintage caravane. We could not be happier ! It’s from seventies and nothing has been changed inside. We can’t wait to make a road trip in Spain with it!  We adore this nomadic way of travel because we feel free. 
Eleonore and Elisabeth are amazing models - are they following in your footsteps and taking interest in photography and fashion?
my daughters are not interested in fashion so that’s why, I think, I can still choose what they wear …. But they start to try photography and it  makes feel so happy to share my passion with them.
{Elizabeth @ Elenore wear the Embroidered Wren nightgown}
How do you manage your time - being a mum of 3 to Eleonore, Elizabeth and Amans?
3 years ago I decided to leave my job because I wanted to spend more time with my family. It was vital for me. Today, I give or Maybe share is the right word,  all my time with my children, and I love that! With 3 children, days are busy, but full of laughter and joy. Childhood amazes me.
{Elenore & Elizabeth wearing The meadow Jacket}
What is your favourite piece from the Faune Collection?
Faune represents everything I love. It’s one or the most beautiful and inspiring brands for me with its timeless style, airy silhouettes, vintage lace…its all incredibly poetic! My favorite piece from your collection? So hard to choose! But maybe Hibiscus has my heart because of the angel sleeves that fall at back and front. Magical when you wear it in the morning light, passing Through the lace…✨✨✨✨
{Elenore wears The Hibiscus nightgown}

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